Thursday, April 14, 2016

A cigar review, complete with a pretty good smoke ring

This is lifted from my Facebook page.

Illusione Ultra box press, Cigar Aficionado's No. 6 cigar for 2015. Nearly perfect. Big white smoke, perfect draw, smooth but full. Ninety minutes of bliss. ‪#‎cigarnarcisism‬ Allen Schubert
Roger Plothow And Smokin' by Boston just came on the Pod. Big karma.
Roger Plothow Perfect burn, long ash flower.
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Roger Plothow G' bless Nicaragua.
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Roger Plothow Burn became uneven but self-corrected. Fascinating, yes?
Roger Plothow Like a lot of big cigars, required a light touch-up toward the end. Roger's Rating: 9.5.
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Roger Plothow And a nice smoke ring to finish.
Gary Steele art.
Roger Plothow
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Roger Plothow Almost got a toothpick to finish it, but don't want to seem obsessive.
Allen Schubert Mmmmmmmmmm
Roger Plothow Highly recommended, hard to find. About $9 each by the box.
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Tim Ford Where are they?
Roger Plothow I buy Illusione cigars at Fumare in Reno, which is owned by the guy who created Illusione. You can get a limited selection from various online vendors like Cigars International. The only place I found the Ultra box press was at the Reno store.

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