Saturday, September 14, 2013


Why would a reasonably well-educated middle-aged man pay any attention to pop culture, let alone intentionally visit the place where a sit-com was once filmed, not once, but twice?


I once dragged my family hundreds of miles out of our way to visit the location of the cornfield ballpark where Field of Dreams was filmed. That was fun (we all ran the bases), but weird. Today, I dragged Kathleen and Charlie to Roslyn, Washington, the site of the fictional town of Cisely, Alaska. You know, Northern Exposure.

It was only a six-mile detour (one way), but still. It helps that Northern Exposure was one of the finest TV shows ever made if you overlook the last season that jumped the shark. It was also something of a relief to have to wait for another middle-aged person to get a snapshot of the Roslyn's Cafe painted on the side of, you know, Roslyn's Cafe (which was featured often in Northern Exposure). Also snapped a picture of the neon sign above the entrance to The Brick bar, also featured in NE, plus the famous storefront where John Corbett (as Chris Stevens) played the local DJ on KBHR radio. Eighteen years after the end of the series, the storefront looks just as it did in the show.

I had dragged Kathleen here once before. What a sport. Today's was a short visit -- half-dozen pictures and off we went.

If you aren't familiar with Northern Exposure, go to Netflix and spend the time. You'll thank me later.

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