Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two days and counting ...

By my standards, the road trip that will make up our 2013 winter escape beginning Saturday is a run to the store for milk and bread. I once dragged my entire family from St. George along I-40 and various back roads to northern Alabama, along the Blue Ridge Parkway to Washington D.C., up the eastern seaboard all the way to Bar Harbor Maine, west and north into Canada, west on I-90 through the badlands and back home again -- 25 days and darn near 10,000 miles when all the side trips were accounted for.

Our impending three-week road trip will cover one-third of that mileage. Still, it's our first major road trip in awhile (and the first that doesn't include a cruise at the midway point), and it's somewhat ambitious, with stops in Cottonwood and Gold Canyon, Arizona, Catalina Island, San Simeon and Carmel, California (with a leisurely drive up the Pacific Coast Highway), then a week in central California that should include a day in San Francisco. We follow a familiar track home through Reno, Winnemucca and Elko.

On the agenda:

1. Wine tasting (at least two days' worth, probably three.)
2. Ancient ruins (cliff dwellings and the like.)
3. White-knuckle driving (Apache Trail and Big Sur).
4. Patio sitting (Gold Canyon and Catalina).
5. Scenery viewing (everywhere, but particularly Big Sur and Monterey).
6. Shopping.
7. Birding (the California Delta).
8. Eating good food (pretty much everywhere, but with a particular eye toward Mexican in Arizona, seafood along the coast, Chinese in the Bay Area and something really expensive in Carmel).
9. Seeing all the grand kids (and their parents)!

Stay tuned for regular updates, with pictures and partial truths.

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