Saturday, October 20, 2012

The waterfalls are nice

It looked quaint and cozy on the web site. They always do.

The owner's name of the Dogwood Motel is Norman. Really. To be fair, it seems clean. But to say it's dated would be kind.

A portion of the wall is particle board painted the same shade of brown as the faux pine paneling. The heat either turns the room into a sauna or stays stubbornly unresponsive. It might be a long night.

The setting is spectacular, here on the North Umpqua River in central Oregon. The deciduous trees are turning bright yellow and the abundant waterfalls are better than the photos.

I owe Kathleen, big time.

For dinner, we drove down the road a few miles to a place that looked harmless enough from the outside. The young man who greeted us, who also turned out to be the new co-owner (with his wife), asked if we had a reservation. Kathleen laughed, thinking he was joking, as the place was empty. He wasn't.

It seems that dinner is served by reservation only. However, they squeezed us in. Kathleen knew better than to cuddle the kitten on the sofa near our table, but she did it anyway. Her allergies are just now kicking in. The neighbor kids came in with their dog. There was no sign of the local health officials.

On the owner's recommendation we ordered the pulled pork sandwich with tater tots. The sandwich was pretty good. The tots told us that the oil was just this side of rancid.

Anyway, we're staying put at the Dogwood Motel and we'll be fine. Probably. As promised, there is a beautiful gazebo and koi pond out back, where I went to burn a stick and sip some Scotch in the thick 45-degree air. There, for my reading pleasure, was the local alternative weekly newspaper, The Beacon. All you need to know about this newspaper is the following statement at the bottom of the staff box:

"The Roseburg Beacon is printed on recycled news print. However, if we had any choice in the matter it would not, as we believe in promoting the wood products industry. If we had our choice it would be printed on paper from old growth timber."

So there.

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