Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blue Light of Dawn, the novel

Well, for better or worse, I've written a book.

It's took nearly three years, but "Blue Light of Dawn: Murder and Dirty Laundry in a Small Town" is now an ebook available through Kindle. Diane Donovan, an ebook reviewer for Midwest Book Reviews, wrote the following generous review:
BLUE LIGHT OF DAWN: MURDER AND DIRTY LAUNDRY IN A SMALL TOWN is a romance, intrigue, and murder mystery all in one, and is a delightful read centering around crusty character Dan Pittman, new owner of a little newspaper in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
It opens with a bang: a frustrated female employee has murder on the mind, justifying her thoughts by reflecting on her employer's dubious associations with women and several strange, unsolved murders that point to her boss as the suspect. She's it through even to the point of having her boss sign his own suicide note, disguised as office paperwork, and her co-conspirator is coaching her on how to make the gunshot look self-inflicted.
Fast forward to a newspaper's investigations of puzzling charge against a local judge and the political ripples it's causing, his unexpected involvement with a woman who's being stalked by the judge -- then add further social and political entanglements into the mix.
What begins as a simply account of stalking and an unexpected romance with the victim turns into a complicated series of social and political association creating a dirty dance between Dan Pittman, his new squeeze Nicole, and a judge who seems to be increasingly threatening her -- or, is it the judge?
Murder most foul, an added complexity of a million dollars, the possible involvement of Nicole in a dangerous plot, twists and turns of intention keep BLUE LIGHT OF DAWN riveting -- but it's the realistic dance between small town members that sets this murder mystery apart from others.
Everything moves to a slow disaster in BLUE LIGHT: a romance, danger, and the entwined involvement of other small-town officials and their special agendas.
In the end, what sets BLUE LIGHT OF DAWN apart from other mysteries is the powerful characterization and the realistic setting of small-town Cottage Grove, Oregon: a backdrop that's perfect for airing mystery, dirty laundry, and a series of close encounters with the law.
Highly recommended as a powerful first-person story that's hard to put down and impossible to predict!
It's $4.99 over at Amazon (link provided above) and will hopefully provide a few hours of escapist reading. If you like it, post your review on Amazon. If you don't, keep your lousy opinion to yourself.

Regular readers of this blog will recognize some of the scenes, particularly from this post and this one.

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