Monday, May 21, 2012

Sun blocked

It had been a full day at Yellowstone's upper geyser basin (that's where Old Faithful is), where patience and luck had resulted in great shots of four separate geysers.

If you're not as infatuated with hot water spurting from the ground as I am, relax. This is about something else.

We had an early dinner in the Old Faithful Inn's dining room (featuring two enormous Moran originals), then began making our way toward the west gate and home. My plan was to stop somewhere in Island Park to shoot the impending solar eclipse.

There was a major bison jam about 10 miles from the west gate that cost us about 30 minutes, so we were maybe five miles west of Yellowstone before the highway goes over a pass and into Idaho. We pulled over on a ranch road.

At that very moment, clouds moved across the sun, which I assumed meant we were going to be shut out. I was wrong.

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