Sunday, August 29, 2010

Five best things: Iconic photos

There are probably several dozen sites in the U.S. that all landscape photographers eventually want to shoot. Maroon Bells in the Colorado Rockies is one (I've not done that one). The famous cypress tree at Pebble Beach is another (I have many images of that one). Here are five of my favorites:

5. The view of Cannon Beach, Oregon, from Ecola State Park is a long-time favorite among landscape photographers. I have dozens of images from there.

4. Victorian Row, San Francisco. It's actually not much to look at with the naked eye, but shot with a zoom lens that compresses the distance between the Victorian houses and downtown it makes for a dramatic shot.

3. This is a difficult shot at sunset, since the valley and waterfalls are in shadow. Some dodging and burning with PhotoShop helps.

2. Antelope Canyon, Arizona. I shot this one with Velvia 40 iso slide film in the 1999, so I couldn't look at a digital monitor to make sure I had it right. Instead, I shot a dozen different exposures during the 30 minutes or so that the lighting was just right.

1. This is the Tetons from Schwabacher Landing on the Snake River, taken at peak color in the early morning.

Bonus shot: Havasu Falls on the Havasupai Reservation just south of the Grand Canyon. This image cannot be replicated -- a flash flood forever changed the look of the falls a few years ago.

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