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Published in the Post Register in October, 2009.
Cedric’s looks like a pretty much any other American coffee shop – parking out front, booths and tables inside, kitchen in the back.

One thing that might set it apart is a decades-old recipe for scones that current owner Shelley Niemann purchased along with the business from its original owner and recipe-creator, Del Mar “Cannonball” Griffith. Another is a wall packed with photos and press clippings of Niemann’s daughter, Jody, who was a young golf phenom in the Nineties, spent a year on the LPGA tour and wound up coaching college golf.

On a busy weekend day, the restaurant will serve 250 scones or more along with dozens of Cedric’s other specialty – a wide variety of omelets.

Manager Denice Anderson says Cannonball and his wife, Irene, still come in from time to time to make sure the scones and biscuits and gravy are still to his liking.

“So far, no complaints,” she says.

The Griffiths opened Cedric’s in 1981 and Niemann bought it in 1992. Anderson has been there for 25 years going back to the original owners.

Back in the kitchen, David Burggraf, Leroy Zimmer and Mark Cukurs are keeping the grill full of omelets and hash browns. There’s a brief lull this morning between the morning and mid-day rush, so waitresses are doing some cleaning and keeping coffee cups full at the half-dozen occupied tables.

While you’re waiting for a table you can read of Jody Niemann’s exploits, including clippings of her with Tiger Woods and Johnny Miller, among others. She competed in 22 LPGA events in 2000-01 before going into college coaching. Now married, she goes by Jody Dansie and is admission and recruitment coordinator at the University of Nevada-Reno.

Idaho Falls is fortunate to have a handful of coffee shops along the stretch of Broadway from the river to the west side of town, each offering its own specialties and particular atmosphere. Cedric’s has stepped outside the coffee shop business recently by adding an ice cream parlor in the back featuring square ice cream. You’ll be familiar with this product if you’ve ever stopped at the Rainey Creek story in Swan Valley.

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